Corona Virus Update

As I’m sure you would all expect, the SJJ team are constantly monitoring all updates in relation to this unprecedented situation.

According to the .Gov website there is currently 1 confirmed case of Corvid-19 in Suffolk and 0 in Norfolk.

After consulting with the dojo owners (Eastern Activities Group), at this time, we do not believe there is a need to cancel classes or shut the dojo.

However please do listen to medical advise and if you, you child or anyone you/they have been in contact with has the symptoms of Crovid-19 please follow guidance and refrain from training for a 14 day period.

I have been informed. All surfaces and tables at the dojo will be disinfected regularly. Training equipment such as strike pads will also be disinfected before and after sessions and there will be plenty of soap and towels for everyone to wash hand before and after training sessions.

Should the situation continue to escalate, further measures will involve running classes focusing on the non-contact elements of the art. Such as hand/weapon katas, strike pads and break-falls.

We are looking into provisions through the members section of our website, to provide training videos, so those having to self isolate can still access training material and continue to practice whist at home.

Please remember

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